In a quiet leisurely daily practice , Goyard body that had some superficial vindictive , but also is gradually becoming real condensate , has Firelight Qinglian this and other refined vindictive good assistant , Goyard Bags consumed want vindictive temper energy and time , all seemed relaxed than average and reduced many . On This again becomes a leisurely life, Kaoru Erque is somehow like Goyard Outlet took the two men into the mountains alone , then lay the lush grass, cling to each other basking in the warm sun , the day a full and happiness, but, in this quiet and full enjoyment of the mountains , Goyard is going to feel some things seem to happen . Here is a slightly sloping grass ground , lush green grass like a blanket in general, spread to the end of the line of sight , in the grass not far from the bottom , with a very spacious mountain , mountain deep, in which a faint misty . Looks Huangruo wonderland. Goyard Bags quiet reclining on the grass , a touch of the sun covering the body , has a very warm feeling sleepy . Slight migraine , smoked child pair looked like a jewel-like bright eyes beside eyes closed eye, a look of relaxed young black robes who provoke slight curvature of the mouth slowly , after a moment , seems to think of something, slightly dark eyes , whispered: . " Goyard Bags brother , Goyard Tote that you scroll , so you do not order the future king to reach the bucket , you can be sure to attend , oh well ."

Listening ear whispered softly , and Goyard Bags opened his eyes, smiled and touched the child 's head smoked , said: ? " It is natural, smoked child to something , how can I not fully practicing " Heard , Kaoru children This sweet chuckle , laughter hit rocks as spring -like , clear and melodious. "But the girl . Past few days , you seem a little strange ah ? " Goyard Tote look forward to moving smiley goes , suddenly said . Slightly hesitated , eyes flashing with smoked children to avoid the sight of Goyard Handbags , whispered: . " No , ah, I feel no different than previous ah " "is it " Goyard Bags smiled, Gang Yu speak, old drugs ? dignified voice suddenly sounded in his mind : " you have a large number of breath against the side flyby , the flavor is very strong, as if the goal is the two of you ! " Goyard hear the words of the old drugs , Goyard Outlet first hesitated , immediately face slightly changed, too late to meditate why this inner courtyard of the mountains in the number of strangers appear strong flavor , smoked pulled up children to want to leave here . Goyard Tote pulled Kaoru children in the latter seems vaguely sensed between what Qiaolian suddenly changed, and quickly pushed into the forest Goyard Handbags , anxious mouth and said: "Goyard Bags brother , you quickly go hide do not come out ! " " how ? those people are coming at you ? " Goyardn grabbed real estate broker , Goyard Outlet face sank, said . Kaoru children look down the far northern horizon , the rapid induction of TV drama came breath, she hastened by the real estate broker who Goyard Bags , the underlying strength of a spit , one gentle breeze , would be to promote the woods Goyard St Louis , At the same time asked: . " ! Goyard Wallet brother , repressed atmosphere Do not let them find "

Goyard are advancing forest, Goyard Bags face volatile , he does not understand why Goyard Outlet suddenly become so anxious. "What is man ? " Goyard Wallet along the line of sight of the eyes shift to the northern horizon , Goyard Tote slowly clenched fists up , an unusual anger rose up quietly in the heart . Just after Goyard Tote is promoting forest shortly after a sudden break with a large number of wind sounded from the sky , the last dozen tiny black dot appeared in the sky of the northern side , these routes are extremely clear black dots directly Goyard Handbags toward the children smoked is located. With the sharp sound of breaking points more strongly , after a moment , Goyard quickly becomes large black spots , and finally, finally appeared in the sight of the visible range. Looking through the eyes of a dozen black spots that leaves a gap within the line of sight , Goyard St Louis suddenly gush shocked face , black spots , Goyard Bags not the shadows, but ten backing blackened on the head with a long feet up on many long silver horn , horn , Goyard Outlet covered with strange patterns, and even has a faint wind between thunder came from , Warcraft back. Also there is a very large four long wing , fin vibration, wind down from the sky wutherin , the forests are some of the weight slightly lower volts . These strange Warcraft , Goyard Handbags has not seen and heard , but this does not prevent it touch the hearts of consternation , because he felt a wave of Warcraft who is extremely aggressive atmosphere , obviously, these World of Warcraft, not just general use in the transport of Warcraft , but a similar method of combat flying beast . The rare animals on the flight . Used in combat flying beast , it is extremely rare , Goyard Bags except only that very large forces , such as strength , Goyard Tote cost just have fed and tamed.

Unicorn eyes away from these four wings Goyard Outlet , the last stop on their backs wide , Goyard Tote hesitated again , I saw was the back of each of the first four-winged unicorn , is a standing figure . These shadows are all dressed in a purple robes , face expressionless , his eyes flashing slightly shifted between , like a sharp Daomang general , it is covered in glowing chill , Goyard Bags some dismay found it ten silhouette, almost every breath, is like a deep water like , exploration is not in the end , this situation , those elders who Goyard generally only including homes , just able to sense . Ten huge four-winged unicorn head vibrating wings Goyard Wallet , the last stop on the mountain , the eyes of a road , down the grass to stand on top of Tsing Yi girls. " Oh, Goyard Handbags , finally found you ." Four-winged unicorn leading a head slowly lowered down on it, a man directed Kaoru children laughed. The men, aged and not great, seems to look around to see twenty- four or five , looks very Jolly , Goyard Tote with almost comparable to a purple robes , so obtaining the cliff than Goyard Bags steady temperament Duoliaoyifen , and most importantly , it seems that the man is the leader of these people , because the other nine stations , evident in its wake , this tiny place. Best reflect the gap between grades . "I'm coming , deputy commanding black submerged Army life Goyard St Louis , Feng 's family were adults , the young lady back to ! " Claiming Ling Springs man standing on top of the four-winged unicorn , Goyard facing Goyard Bags respectful Baoquan , Gong Sheng said . "I said he would go back, why you came from afar ." Goyard St Louis , who suddenly came , so that was quite cold smoked children face , so even speak, but also suffused with chill . " Adult family were told that we can only kicked ." Goyard Handbags smiled , Gang Yu spoke , his eyes suddenly a condensate line of sight toward instant forest, Goyard Outlet said: " ? Who overheard "

Goyard had just fallen , and that the back of the four-winged unicorn vigil , like the sculpture of nine figure, also face instantly cools, stature shocked Rooms, nine figure flash almost simultaneously into the forest, A low collision immediately rang . "Stop ! " Kaoru children Qiaolian changed, snapped . With Li He smoked children fall , a figure quite suddenly out of the forest , the last vibrating wings stay on the air , and finally landed at Kaoru children slowly beside it is a little bit messy clothes Goyard . " Goyard Tote okay ? " Goyard Bags some shortness of breath a little , smoked child Qiaolian a hurry, call habits Gang Yu shouted , is alert, pretending dull moment asked . Kaoru children of such a change so that Goyard Handbags slightly wrinkled brow , and said: " how is it?" Goyard Wallet flashed in the woods , and that figure is also nine again as one like , and sprang , last fall Goyard Tote behind , his eyes as sharp as a knife , firmly locked Goyard Bags . "You" change the look of smoked cheek child , Ling did not diffuse through the spring, slightly narrowed eyes squint , immediately turned and looked at the body emerged to Goyard Handbags, when it saw that face, slightly hesitated and fingers gently tapping the forehead , suddenly faint smile : "If I do not feed the poor , then this should be is, who was once a waste Goyard St Louis master of it I've seen your portrait ? ." "Who are you ? " Goyard Outlet surface water , Goyard Tote Chen Sheng asked. "Black submerged Army deputy commanding , Ling spring, but it would be pointless to you or that xiaojia , and no contact with qualifications at this level ." Goyard Bags smiles , sounds , and has a very crisp contempt , Goyard St Louis was Daughter of the news was almost , he heard that , and now this Goyard Outlet , has been completely decline , which still have the kind of year the scenery ?

Hear the words of disdain for Goyard Bags , Goyard Tote cold complexion gradually , more slowly palm grip handle heavy foot on the mysterious . " Goyard St Louis . Shut up ! Xiaojia have a covenant with my family , we allow you to export an insult ? " Goyard Handbags was increasingly aware of the cold face, Kaoru children an anxious heart , directed Ling Quan harshly scold . . " Oh, Miss Do not get mad , I'd outspoken some " Quan Ling smiled , voice a turn , but it is suddenly said: "But this trip to come , the family were told the adults too , if met Goyard Outlet sir , it can be the xiaojia to consult about that part of the key where "Here , Goyard smiled turning Goyard Tote : ." Goyard Outlet did not know sir, please tell "Heard , Kaoru children microseismic heart , fear Goyard Wallet ? What traces exposed to , just want to jack under it , aside Goyard St Louis slightly frowned , puzzled : "The key ? " Goyard was frowning, looking puzzled face, heart secretly Ling Quan said: " is he really does not know ? now Goyard Bags fall apart , do not know whether that is really the soul of the house to grab the keys to his hand, if the words of hand . afraid of is some trouble . " " I'm so many years in Goyard Tote , neither had the "key" the message that you wanted so easy to get , so why not dream ? " hearts relieved, Kaoru children faint . " Oh, I just casually asked it , the main purpose of my trip was with a lady back down just an offshoot of the other distal ." Ling Quan smile, immediately facing Kaoru children bowed and said: "Miss, please ! family were adults, but miss your tight, " Goyard Wallet shook slightly Yinya , the pace just a shift aside Goyard Handbags is grabbed her arm , deep voice said: ." ? you go . " " Goyard Outlet brother , I've been away from the family for many years , has been delayed several times during the time back , this time, it seems really shirk , Goyard Bags brother , and you remember that I used to say , do not ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes leaked news in your hands , in the future , you can know exactly what the forces behind smoked children matter , however , Goyard St Louis brother before have the ability to protect the jade, Goyard do not come , otherwise Some people in the family . would certainly keep you, your hands jade, involved too . " Kaoru children bow slightly , lips gently wiggle , in a faint voice pleading with some promise , Goyard Bags pass into the ear the .

Goyard Outlet face volatile , Goyard Handbags holding palm arm trembling slightly . " Goyard Bags brother , Goyard waiting for you , waiting for you to truly become warlords strong, Kaoru children have always believed that you will stand the pinnacle of the continent , when , Goyard Tote decline , because of you, and once again stand continent ! " palm constantly trembling, Goyard St Louis 's mood is more like mess like Goyard in discourse, even after all these years of experience, he already is not the year it will only impulsive teenager , but experienced family after the upheaval , again experienced this parting , it is so hard to get him to accept a kind of feeling . Moreover, such a separation in the moment, he just clearly disillusioned , girls in front of what in his mind occupied weight " Goyard Bags master, it is our task, so , please let Miss it ." Looked at the Kaoru children holding the arm of Goyard Handbags , Ling Quan eyes slowly cools down, but on the face, it is still a very inspiring with a smile . Ling Quan did not bother discourse , Goyard Outlet eyes firmly fixed on just smoked child , after a moment , finally, in the eyes of malicious Goyard Tote slowly release the palm of your hand , however , in the palm of your hand leaving Goyard when the arms, hands shoved a probe , the soft slender waist ring , will embrace the hug fiercely , his head buried deep Kaoru children exudes a faint scent of black hair , and murmured: " Kaoru children , waiting for me , I will find you ! I do not care how the forces behind the huge and terror , you are mine .

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